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We are a Japan based company which has been in the business of providing quality products, services and solutions in construction since 2011.

We sell and rent heavy machinery, manufacturing parts and attachment. Furthermore, we offer repair and transportation services to clients in Japan.

We have top notch in-house specialists, engineers and support team who give innovative, customized and the best IT and IOT solutions and services to meet the needs of the heavy machine industry in Japan

We import verity high-end internarial branded products and bring it to the doorsteps of our customers. We also provide after market services and help close exclusive deals of companies in Europe and the United States of America.

We have broad network of construction machinery dealers, auctioneers rental companies, and logistic companies and exports hundreds of used construction machinery per year to many countries around the world.

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Selling Machinery & Attachments

At Kenki World Company, we sell a variety of construction machinery and attachments to our esteemed customers both local and international. Our services in purchasing and selling of construction machinery, covers all arms of the industry from the users, rental companies, local auctions, to dealers and export companies (local and foreign). We are Japan’s sole dealer of several international brands such as FAE(Italy) ,EX-ac(UK) and AFE(USA)..etc

Supplying machinery spare parts

Our eCommerce website site: Kenki Chanel ( is ranked in top 5 Parts & Attachment selling websites in Japan. Our specialists at Kenki, listens to your need and help you find the perfect spare part/attachment that meets your need. Our services are reliable, fast and easy as we are connected to most manufacturers and trading companies in the construction industry.

New Innovation

We are committed to providing the latest technology and products that are good for the construction industry and are perfect for the Japanese market. We work alongside many international institutions that are invested in creating l better working conditions and building top notch products that are affordable. We import specially designed products that fit the Japanese market from reputable companies abroad. Our in-house specialists and engineers are committed to creating a much more connected world through IT solutions, website and application development, and online maret places that are safe and reliable.


Our repair section have been working with customers and meeting their needs for the past 10 years. We provide maintenance services for construction machinery and attachments. Our repair services are open to distant locations as we have a network of vendors and partner workshops ready to attend to you and solve your maintenance needs. Our machineries are also available to buy at any time.


Our rental services are available to different sectors all over Japan as we have rental for forestry, demolition and solar panel industries. Our specialized machinery makes work easy to do without unnecessary hassles like breakdown and damages.


We have an amazing transport system that is furnished with all you need. We offer all types of transportation services ranging from minister trucks to heavy trailers. We deliver our machinery to different parts of the country so distance is not a problem. Our transport costs are customer friendly and satisfactory.
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