Company Profile

Corporate Name :

Kenki World Co., Ltd

President :

Hasantha Rathnayake (Sumith)

Established :

October 25, 2011

Capital :

10 Million Yen

Annual sales :  

2.4 Billion Yen (2018 FY)

Number of Employees :


Tsukuba Head Office : 

1703 Nishiōi, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 300-1260 Japan  

Tel: 029-893-2840, Fax: 029-893-2841

Colombo Office :

(Sri Lanka)

Kenki World Japan Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. No. 34A1/1, Old Negombo Road, Wattala, 11300, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 11 294 8596, Fax: +94 71 937 8336


New York Office :


Kenki World USA. Inc. 80 Renee Pl, Staten Island, NY 10314 USA.
Tel +1 732-421-7006; FAX +1 937-258-0430

Web sites :

Main Site : www.kenkiworld.co.jp
Used Machinery Sales : https://machinery.kenkiworld.co.jp/
KSS Rental : http://kss.kenkiworld.co.jp /en/
Sumic Solutions : https://sumic.jp/home-2/
Kenki eChannel : https://kenki-ch.com/

Banks :

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Tsukuba Branch; Tsukuba Bank, Tsukuba Head Office; Jōyō Bank, Ushiku Branch

Business Enterprises :

SUMIC IT Solutions
IT system development

Development of an ERP management system for companies selling and renting construction machinery

◾Providing RFID Solutions
◾Development of a GPS vehicle management system
◾Community platform development
◾Development of applications for iOS& Android operating systems

◾Sales of IoT products
    cameras for construction machinery and trucks
    cameras for forklifts

       cameras for sensing human bodies
    cameras for anti-theft and security

Authorized International Dealer for

◾FAE (Italy)
◾Rabaud (France)

◾DipperFox (Estonia)
◾EXAC – One (UK)


Construction Machinery Business
◾Domestic and international sales of construction machinery
◾Manufacture and sale of attachments for construction machinery
◾Parts Sales and eCommerce site
◾Rental of attachments for construction

◾Construction machinery repairs and maintenance
◾ Transporting machinery by tractor-trailer